The Company

Crilù is a young and flexible company with over ten years of experience in the wholesale of fabrics.

What we do

We purchase fine fabrics in stock from Italy’s most prestigious textile companies and sell them at competitive prices. For those who, like us, believe that quality is an essential value.

Who we work with

We work mainly with shops, wholesalers, tailor’s workshops, ateliers, shirt factories, and couturiers. We provide a vast assortment of fine fabrics in small and large batches. We supply great men’s and women’s classics, as well as the trendiest patterns and materials in the fashion market.

Where we operate

We operate both in the Italian and international market and we export our products across the world.

Crilù ingrosso tessuti dispone di una vasta gamma di tessuti di altissima qualità per uomo e per donna. Acquistiamo tessuti pregiati in stock dalle grandi eccellenze tessili italiane proponendoli a prezzi davvero competitivi. Per coloro che come noi hanno fatto della qualità un valore fondamentale.